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Collaboration Band

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Collaboration Band - Mathias, Jukka and Seppo

Collaboration Band is a Finnish rock band formed in 2019 in Finland. Their style varies from hard rock to alternative rock with prog flavor. The band mates live around Finland, so their music production is based on the Internet using cloud collaboration service and digital workstations at their home studios. These fellows have all played in a band in their teenage and have continued playing as hobby during their career in telecom industry, hospitality and health care. Initially the band started making collaboration projects for fun with their favorite cover songs by Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, SRV etc. As publishing cover songs, even well made, is worthless they decided to produce and publish their own music professionally.

The band members are:

Seppo Vesterinen – songwriter, composer, arranger, audio engineer, bass, guitar, drum sequencing etc.

Jukka Tenhunen – lyricist, vocals, background vocals, keyboards

Mathias Grön – songwriter, guitars

We may also call our buddies to participate in our collaboration projects as musicians when desired.

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